MarilĂș's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

My Mommy Time Team

Our kids brought us together as moms. Our businesses keep up together as entrepreneurs :)

Promote A Lot Get The Sales!

This team is dedicated to simple promotion which results in sales.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

Promote anything and everything here without the restrictive rules and measures.

Road To Success

The goal of this team is to join hands in becoming successful. So anyone needing help is welcome to join.

Seemingly Undiscovered

We are a team dedicated to getting new shops noticed!

SoCal Etsy Guild

A team for people who live in Southern California or enjoy supporting artist from Southern California.

Strategic Promotion for Success Team

Promotion is the key to being successful on Etsy. SPS Team is a global community of members who enjoy supporting each other and

The Crazy Advertisers Team

Welcome to The Crazy Advertisers Team!! Advertising is the key to being noticed and an increase in sales! Join now and...


An Etsy team for all Etsy shops and Etsy shoppers located in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Hawaii, and Alaska