Michelle Gast's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Christian Networking

To find members of this team simply type "christnet" in the search field under (all items).

Christian Orthodox

This team has been created for Orthodox Christians or those inquiring about the Orthodox faith on Etsy.

Christian Vintage Sellers & Buyers

This team's arms are opened wide for all vintage lovers. Find a place to make to friends, inspire and be inspired.

Christmas All Year

To promote Christmas items, Gifts, Stocking Stuffers, Christmas Stockings. Promotion via Youtube, Blog, treasuries, facebook, twitter etc.

Christmas Corner

Christmas, anyone who LOVES Christmas

Christmas Gift Promotion Team

The largest Christmas Promotion Team this fall. Buyers or Sellers, its time for Christmas shopping!

Circles For Everyone

Join Here to Find Fun New Circle Partners

Click & Comment

Where Etsy Teams and individuals come together to promote their treasuries and shops This team has no treasury making minimum requirements.

Coffee Lounge

Coffee Lounge is a team designed for the coffee lover in mind.

Coffee Lovers

This is a group for those of you who love coffee in any way shape or form! I know I can't get enough of it!