Didote's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Bubbly Panda All Things Kawaii

A closely knit team that discusses kawaii and life. Share your style, opinions, and personality.

Etsy Ugly Cute

A Team Full Of Whimsical, Sweet & Sour, Glittery, Geeky, Ugly Cute, Oddball, and Unique Art!

Kawaii and More...

For all your kawaii needs....from plushies to charms and stationery!

Kawaii ♥ Kuteness

♥Kawaii Lovers, ♥Kawaii Creators

Promotional Games

Like playing Promotion Games? This is the team for you! (30+ Games, most of which you won't see on any other team!)

Sculpey and polymer clay Team

Hi! My name is janna and I created this team to help everyone who does clay get to know each other a little better! Please join this team:)

The Kawaii Corner

Hello! This is a team for those who love Kawaii handmade! Want support for that new shop that you opened? Here is your place!