Didote's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Bubbly Panda All Things Kawaii

A closely knit team that discusses kawaii and life. Share your style, opinions, and personality.

Etsy Ugly Cute

A Team Full Of Whimsical, Sweet & Sour, Glittery, Geeky, Ugly Cute, Oddball, and Unique Art!

Forever Cupcakes and Dessert

Fun team with nothing to do but promote

Kawaii and More...

For all your kawaii needs....from plushies to charms and stationery!

Kawaii ♥ Kuteness

♥Kawaii Lovers, ♥Kawaii Creators

Promotional Games

Like playing Promotion Games? This is the team for you! (30+ Games, most of which you won't see on any other team!)

Sculpey and polymer clay Team

Hi! My name is janna and I created this team to help everyone who does clay get to know each other a little better! Please join this team:)

The Kawaii Corner

Hello! This is a team for those who love Kawaii handmade! Want support for that new shop that you opened? Here is your place!