Angelina Glass' Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

1,000 Things Alpaca

A place for the Alpaca people of Etsy to gather, socialize, promote, and support each other.

A Circle of Friends Team (ACOFT)

A Circle of Friends is not just a team. It's a community of artist's from all over with big hearts & Well Worked Hand's

Etsy Promotion Forum

Anyone who wants to promote their etsy shop, blog, twitter, facebook, etc. Replacing the Promotion Forum. A place where all teams can post

Giveaway Club

A place for people to host or enter free giveaways

Handmade Treasuries

This team is devoted to creating treasuries for all handmade items on etsy!

Lets Help Promote Etsy Shops

Lets Promote Etsy Shops Socially!


A New Group but it'll be an awesome one! This is a group for twitter active sellers who are willing to retweet for other members