Kati's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

East Coast Geek Artists

This is a group for the artists on Etsy that live on the East Coast of the US who likes games, anime, comics and everything else geeky!


Artistic and super smart. Etsy Geeks are the perfect mix between knowledge and raw talent. We get stuff done fast!

Geek Gems

Geekery artisans, join this team to promote your items for a potential feature on GeekGems.com!

Mom's Basement

A team for creators and lovers of all things GEEK!

Pure Handmade

We are a team for people who believe in Handmade, who want to share and learn about handmade and selling online. Everybody is welcome!!

Sprite Stitch

This team is for members of the Sprite Stitch forums that also have Etsy shops.


Share the video gamer love and awesomeness!