P Petrocy's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

* Promotion Fanatics*

For people that like to promote others while being promoted.

A Time for Promo

For promoting yourself and others

Daily Promotion & Sales

Promote your new items, treasuries, shops ...

Do Another Thing (DAT) Team

Do Another Thing (DAT) Team Working together to achieve our goals for a successful shop!

Etsy Help & Marketing

Etsy Seller? want to increase traffic to your shop and listings? Do COME IN! that's why we are all here! =)

Etsy Shops United

Individuals working together with one common goal.

Free birds

A friendly and welcoming team that will support fellow Etsians by faving and respecting the thread rules.


A Promotion Team for Everyone

Hearts & Sales Team

Give hearts, get hearts and hopefully get sales!