Pauline Kingsley's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Let No Teddy Be Bare

This team is for anyone who has, loves, gives, or collects teddy bears, PERIOD!

Lincolnshire & East Midlands Etsy Members

A team for all Etsy Members from Lincolnshire and the East Midlands-------join and lets have meetings, exchange ideas, selling tips etc

Teddy Talkers

Teddy Bear Artists, Designers, Collectors

UK Folk

A team for UK folk to chat and promote ourselves and eachother

UK Street Team

A group for all Etsy shop owners who reside within the UK

UK Vintage Team

UK Vintage Team - for sellers of all vintage items, based in the UK, NI, CI, IOM and Gibraltar

Vintage Lovers

A vintage resource team ("vintage", NOT "handmade")

Vintage Toys

A Community of Vintage Toy Collectors & Sellers