Rachel Cohen's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Adventures in Beauty & Fashion

The ORIGINAL Adventures in Beauty & Fashion!

Big Etsy BLITZ

Blitzing our little HEARTS out!

Etsy Buyers

a team for buyers on etsy

Etsy Talent Hunt

Established to recognize and connect Creative & Talented Individuals.

Find & Follow

Increase Your Followers!

Promote thru Stumbleupon ect..

Team set up for promoting each other thru Stumbleupon and Kaboodle and other sites.

Promote Your Shop Off Of Etsy With Free Sites

This is a team with a list of sites to advertise your shop for free! Please use the threads we have instead of making new ones. NO SPAM!

Shop Stats Improvements

Help test and provide feedback on improvements to Shop Stats.

Shop Stats: Historical Comparison Lines

Show previous-year historical comparisons in Shop Stats.