Rebecca Tomb's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Fun and Friends Promotion Team

Hello folks, If you like to promote and feel promotion is vital for your success I invite you to join. It's all about having fun!

Hand made in America

Pride Quality Craftmanship in everything you make and sell

Handmade Philly - Philadelphia Etsy Team

Once the Philly Etsy Team, this member-run collective group seeks to further our city’s local, sustainable handmade movement.

Handmade Success

Our team is a place where Etsy shop owners can unite and embrace the handmade experience together.


punks, rockers, metalheads, anarchists, vandals, hillbillies, hustlers, and sideshow acts can make arts and crafts too.

Help for NEWBIES

New? Need help? Been here done this? Let's brainstorm and find ways to get out there and sell, sell, sell!

Artists Exposed Treasury's feature the artists from BEHIND their shop doors.

In Your Face Team

In Your Face Team, is a team formed to explore all promotional tools for their shops.


Just Dream... We'll Create


Living Loving Art is a gathering place for those that make art by drawing, painting, sculpting, digitally, or photography.