Jackie's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


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Devotion to Promotion!

Looking to promote your shop or items? I'm looking to create a tightly knit online community of support! ANYBODY CAN JOIN!

Diamond Jubilee 2012

Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee 2012

Dog Lovers

We love dogs, and dogs love us.

earthly crafters

This is a team of crafters from all over the world <3

Etsy UK

Hi, I'm new to Etsy, and would like to make a team from other UK based makers and collectors x

Help Us Get Sales

This team is for sellers who have had very few sales, AND buyers who are willing to help us.

Made In UK

This team is for the most exquisite items Made In UK.Great shops from UK sellers can be found here!


Anything related in owls, owl images included scrapbook, collage, invitation card, printing, stationery, dolls, handicrafts...