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Private Label, Freelance Independent (Indie) Fashion Designer and Fiber Artist
Ethical Practices & Production, Handmade Art Wear
Fall/Winter 2015 Update:
Creating many new goodies and collections coming.
Halloween was a BLAST! Thanks to all who supported me by purchasing!

About how to order and info:

Pronounced "Savwa Fair" in French Savoir Faire meaning "know how" and for my take on hand made couture designs with a play on the words and spelling in honor of my beloved Grandmother Savoy.

My belief:
"If we have only clothes that we love in our closets, we would be happy every day"

An Indie (Independent)…

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Womens Art Wear Clothing, Wedding,...


Private Label, Freelance Independent (Indie) Fashion Designer and Fiber Artist
Ethical Practices & Production, Handmade Art Wear
Fall/Winter 2015 Update:
Creating many new goodies and collections coming.
Halloween was a BLAST! Thanks to all who supported me by purchasing!

About how to order and info:

Pronounced "Savwa Fair" in French Savoir Faire meaning "know how" and for my take on hand made couture designs with a play on the words and spelling in honor of my beloved Grandmother Savoy.

My belief:
"If we have only clothes that we love in our closets, we would be happy every day"

An Indie (Independent) designer and love old world style and romantic or French influence mixed with bohemian, gypsy, hippie to create Art Frocks and Tops without patterns, all hand cut and made in the USA, United States of America in my private studio only by me.

Items I love to create with are crochet or recycled sometimes vintage pieces hand or machine sewn on and many edges unfinished (tattered) in eco cottons and tea dyed with side seams showing to make the least carbon footprint as possible!

A thank you to all my customers all with wonderful imaginations!

An Active Duty Marine helping design her dream dress!
An Aussie Summer Garden Wonderland wedding at Christmas!
A French birthday party!
So many weddings on the beach, in the woods, on the cliffs and everywhere you can imagine!
Summer wedding at New Orleans Jazz Festival!

A constant flow of lovely new frocks, capes, gloves, cuffs, arm warmers, purses, and much more!
Fashions for Maternity ~ Expectant mommies to carry them thru their pregnancy and after baby also thru the holidays with ease and style!

My dresses are partying on yachts and cruises as cruisewear. They love land AND sea!

Business hours: Monday thru Friday but I do answer convos ASAP.

Turnaround Time:
Allow about a week or two for me to create most items but see each listing for specifics on that item. I create it in your custom sizing but I sometimes ship priority 2-3 days in the US to get it to you quickly if I run behind so you'll still receive your order as quickly as possible.

One of a kind (one off/already made) are ready to ship on my next shipping date - now Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sorry no consignment. Wholesale accounts $500 and up to start if approved by location, and other factors. I don't open in another shop close to an existing one for optimal sales for all.

There are no dresses available to be tried on as they are kept brand new for paid orders those customers expect never to have been handled nor against someone elses skin and usually shipped right out not on hand anywhere. This is not a factory, warehouse nor public closet.

I am not a seamstress that does alterations or sews someone else's patterns with customers coming and going. My studio is private with future, confidential designs as well as I create about 12-14 hrs a day so cannot afford disruptions due to time management.

Therefore, I do not invite anyone as it is closed to the public for my security and confidentiality of designs, technique and time restrictions obviously.

Indie means: From Wikipedia explains Indie Designers:
Indie (Independent) Freelance designers work for themselves, selling their designs to fashion houses, directly to shops, or to clothing manufacturers. The garments bear the buyer's label. Some fashion designers set up their own labels (I am one of them), under which their designs are marketed. Some fashion designers are self-employed and design for individual clients (mine are via Etsy only not from my home). Other high-fashion designers cater to specialty stores, boutiques or high-fashion department stores (What I do). These designers create original garments, as well as those that follow established fashion trends.
About by design esthetic:
Finishing: My designs have unfinished/tattered edges and hems along with seams showing as typical in so many of my fiber/fabric creations ~ my stamp on the world so to speak to offer you original, unique and non-mass-produced and also eco conscious to leave the least carbon footprint whenever possible. The ruffles along the bodice are double sewn for strength and durability so all is taken into account. If you would like the bottom hem finished, or anything else just ask!

Custom: Created to fit the specifics you provide will take about a week or more to create. Once I receive your order and payment, I’ll convo to let you know what my turn around time is currently along with any questions, discussion necessary to create this special piece for you or your loved ones.

Size: Just provide me with your bra size i.e. 34A and I’ll create it for your specifics and vital for optimal fit not a store size that varies greatly from one to another. The full ruffled pleating simply opens more for larger busts. My garments all have ample wiggle room so you won’t outgrow it as you would tight or mass produced items thus more appropriate around children.

Much thought, planning and care go into the creation process. All of these aspects are an integral part of my multi-dimensional design process as most women don’t stay their same size for a lifetime. These enable you to wear for hopefully many years to come! If you never have luck ordering clothing online, that is why. I’m the only designer I know of to take these extra yet crucial steps. It’s what I love to do and what you deserve!

*If you have not had custom clothing made for you before, please be sure to double check measurements and be sure you understand various aspects mentioned in this listing and if not, ask questions as your satisfaction is very important! ~ Please don’t assume as all Fabric Artists work in our own unique way. These are wearable art pieces, hand made with much care and many hours of creation!

By stating 34A or 34E helps me to simply add a bit for length or not. The waist and hips flow free as this is not a form fitting garment. Long or short torso? Wider armholes needed? What else should I know about your shape? Be sure to let me know so you won’t be disappointed. (Also, as with your own personal seamstress, all custom sizing information will be retained in my records so won’t be needed for repeat orders).

Rush Orders: I’ll always be honest and say when it just can’t make it in time as I won’t bypass the integrity of my creations. However, if concerned please ask ahead how long it will take as you may think it’s longer than it really is! Sometimes I can get something out in 1-3 days depending upon how detailed a piece and my production schedule which goes: first paid first created. I’m still a one woman operation.

Questions?: Please convo and ask! I love talking about my creations, answering questions and want you to have the best possible service and assurance possible.

Shipping & Handling: These special items will be carefully shipped in a box when necessary to help protect their ornamentation.
Photographers ~ Sorry but due to extremely high volume of requests ~ Please contact me only if you have a Fashion Design Portfolio (weddings and sittings are not comparable). I do not lend or ship things as my time is limited and most of my fashions must remain on hand to be sold, UNWORN and/or shipped right out to magazines shoots, boutiques and Artist Galleries my work is featured in immediately following their appearance on Etsy. They're not available for you to borrow and it's not feasible for me to have shot as design changes frequently and they'd already be outdated while I await their hopeful return!

Bloggers ~ Unless you have a following of 20,000 or more and the same genre and demographic as my style, please do not ask for my participation.

Also this:

2011 Summer edition of Sashay Magazine!

Featured in "A DISTINCTIVE Style Magazine"
2010 Summer Trends page 26 and referred to as "eco-friendly opulence"!
View the web issue here:

...Inside my studio...
Working on new designs as well as new fabrics, adornments and such I've been collecting for months to make this all happen!

My Wonderland Dress was featured in the UK's ALICE MAGAZINE February 2010 issue in the article "Alice Through The Looking Glass" link here:

Top 5 Women Trends for Summer (My Fun & Flirty Top featured on 6/8/10):

Featured here:

New fan here on Facebook:

Check out this wonderful blog (dated 6/9/10):

Thanks so much to all my wonderful customers: Brides, Mom's to be, new Mom's and everyone else no matter where you wear my items and invite them into the special moments of your life I thank you!
*Congrats to my bride wearing the Key to My Heart Dress to her wedding on St. Patrick's Day!
*A very magical wedding at Disney World Easter weekend on the beach!
*A bride who is outfitting her entire wedding party in each their own unique dress but all in the same neutral colors!
*A bride in the UK wearing another of my Wonderland dress creations on her honeymoon!
*Marines Camp Lajeune talent show on 6/4/10 my Purple Potion gloves were worn!
*New mom for her photo shoot with twins!
*Mom to be for her baby shower!
*My first sale was an apron dress delivered to the production "Wicked"!
*A Fall weddings Cowgirl style on a ranch!
*An Aussie Christmas wedding Wonderland style in a garden!
*A repeat customer rockin' quite a few of my pieces in London Town!

~**Now more about me and my collections:
~Romantic OOAK and Limited Edition (mine are the originals!) Tattered Art Frock tops and dresses comfy to lounge in and all could be an alternative wedding dress, beach and outdoor weddings, prom, anniversary, bridesmaids, rehearshal dinners, shower, graduation, communion, parties or just relaxing!

~Popular as a honeymoon dress!

~My French Seaside Collection is a nod to designer Coco Chanel! The woman who revolutionized womens fashion.

~Inspiration pieces based on Tim Burton's 2010 film "Alice in Wonderland"! I continue to create these convections as they remain popular!

~FYI-Began my new line of tattered tops and dresses in Mid-January 2010!

~Be sure to check out all photos as great detail on the back of my dresses and many with a train look that doesn't drag on the ground perfect for outside and dancing!

~All tattered tops & frocks are double stitched along ruffled bodices for extra strength and durability!

These new frocks are great for casual lounging and wearing about town but also perfect for the bride who doesn't want run of the mill or for a 2nd, 3rd marriage, shower, rehersal dinner, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, the list goes on!
Also great for maternity wear!
With that said they're perfect for day to day life and just feeling special on any day!

~All are my original designs!
~Contact me if you want any of these non-tattered!

~French Seaside my collection in white cotton which is a nod to Coco Chanel! The woman who first created by the sea in France and brought such groundbreaking fashion to the entire world.

~Milkmaid Prairie Rag Doll Line: Made in eco cotton (unbleached muslin) in neutral tones of cream and milk!

~Tea Party Line: Made from tea dyed (darker) eco cotton fabric that I purchased or fabrics with tea party prints I'm inspired by Alice in Wonderland especially Tim Burton's new release this March with Johnny Depp.

~Garden Party Line: Neutral colors of same as above natural or white cotton with other colors added and other fabrics/prints or more ornate perfect for weddings, showers and special occasions along with some new prints and my new crochet pattern "Snapdragon's at Attention" see below crochet info.

~Steamer/Attic Trunk Line: Old world, victorian or steampunk style vintage and antique looking frocks that look like they've been stored in an antique trunk for ages. Older looking laces, crochet and appliques will be found on these beauties.

~Crochet used in these garments: My own unique patterns of lavender petals, filet crochet and my new one Tim Burton's movie "Coraline" inspired with the design I call "Snapdragon's at Attention". They remind me of snapdragons standing at attention in a line!

~Fabrics and other materials: When noted some will be eco cotton undyed and natural and sometimes then dyed in coffee by me but it takes a ton of time so those will be rare. However, I use seam binding and appliques I hand dye more often and whenever they best fit the garment in it's creation. All are OOAK or limited due to varied decorations as well as no two dresses will be alike as the fabric is torn, the gathering/ruffles, etc all turn out a bit unique.

Seams are sewn on the outside and tons of hand sewing goes into every piece. I machine sew the ruffled bodices twice for strength and durability!

Notice no zippers?! How many times have zippers broken and failed me so I don't use them. There are plenty of other options. It keeps me creative! : )

There will be other fabrics and surprises coming as well so check back often!

MEASUREMENTS: Simply provide me with your size and bust size! The waist and hips are free size as these are made from 2 panels put together creating an 88" circumference at the waist and hip area. You may want to measure yourself from the shoulder down to see where the length of it will fall on you as well. Curves can take up the length.

SO many plans and dreams! Yes I do dream many of the garments I make! I'll list and talk about new items here but not until they happen so no disappointments as I'm just one person sewing and creating all. I crochet and hand sew roses and special appliques and machine sew the rest of the time.

Each of my new tattered frocks takes hours between creating and crocheting and seeing how things look as I lay out each dress. There are probably dozens of items I try on each dress as I lay it out and I see what I think looks best, make final decisions and sew them on by hand. I change my mind a lot and if not happy put it aside until EUREKA! The items come into my head that would be best and I jot down the items to be crocheted or created later that evening. Each rose and crocheted piece is made specifically for that garment. I do make up extra roses and crochet pieces which I use when I can but I never limit myself to just using what I have made. It isn't good enough! I want you to be happy with the end result and I can only hope that perhaps it will become a family heirloom for you or at least enjoyed by you and admired by any who see you in it!

Orders/payments reaching me Friday evening or throughout the weekend, will begin to be made and processed beginning on Monday.

The basic idea of these has been years in the making and obtaining fabrics and supplies. I've been collecting and planning as with all my fashions at least six months to a year in advance before they come to full fruition like any designer would. I just finish them off as I go once I have the basic idea and happy with all the supplies collected.
Bridal shop:
Spa & Beach Shop:
My Crochet Shop can be found at:
For Special Occasions:
For Fun and Funky Style:

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