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African gold-Deep rich orchid with a mystery earthiness
Almond & prickly pear-sweet almonds & juicy pears with a floral backnote
Almost paradise-Sweet coconut with juicy fruit & creamy vanilla
Aloe-Refreshing spa-like aloe scent
Aloe tea & honey-honey sweetened aloe
Aloha-coconut fruity will take you off to Hawaii
Amber-sexy rich amber
Amber amour-amber with a lot more a hint of floral with a note of sandalwood
Amber ylang fantasy-amber even sexier with a background of ylang
Amazon mist-light, refreshing & slightly herbal
Angel kisses-strawberry sweetened mint
Angel wings-perfect blend of musky floral with a hint of musk
Apples & roses-fruity & floral
Aphrodisiac-all sexiness combined in one blend has amber, sandalwood & so much more…

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African gold-Deep rich orchid with a mystery earthiness
Almond & prickly pear-sweet almonds & juicy pears with a floral backnote
Almost paradise-Sweet coconut with juicy fruit & creamy vanilla
Aloe-Refreshing spa-like aloe scent
Aloe tea & honey-honey sweetened aloe
Aloha-coconut fruity will take you off to Hawaii
Amber-sexy rich amber
Amber amour-amber with a lot more a hint of floral with a note of sandalwood
Amber ylang fantasy-amber even sexier with a background of ylang
Amazon mist-light, refreshing & slightly herbal
Angel kisses-strawberry sweetened mint
Angel wings-perfect blend of musky floral with a hint of musk
Apples & roses-fruity & floral
Aphrodisiac-all sexiness combined in one blend has amber, sandalwood & so much more
Apple torta-sweetened apple cake
Apricot freesia-light & breezy freesia sweetened with apricot
Apricot sorbet-apricots with melons & creamy vanilla
Aqua-fresh light water scent
Aqua flora-water with a hint of floral
Aqua marine-refreshing water with citrus & floral
Aquatic waterlily-exotic waterlily scent
Arabian nights-sultry with jasmine, patchouli & a touch of rose
Aromatherapy passion-aromatherapy floral
Asian Delight-amber with secret Asian background
Bamboo-green yet very refreshing, don’t let the name fool you
Bamboo sugar cane-bamboo with a sweet sugar background
Banana burst-bursting with banana scent
Bayou legend-sage with floral & sweetened background
Beach house-coconut & lime with an herbal twist
Beachin-fruity with coconut, definitely a punch you want to sip on the beach
Bearded iris-gorgeous light floral
Bermuda bliss-with this blend of fruit you will definitely feel the bliss
Berry sublime-very berry indeed
Bewitched-dark earthy spice with a twist
Birds of paradise-definitely brings you to paradise
Black night-deep dark rich woods
Black opium-earthy & sexy
Blue Nile-fruity & floral with musk back
Blue sapphire-mysterious & rich with berries, earth, floral & woods amazing blend
Blueberry grass-earthy blueberry gives a nice twist
Blueberry verbena-blueberry with a citrus
Body & soul-frankincense & spices good for inner healing
Bonsai-earthy & forest like
Botanical bliss-botanicals with a hint of floral
Bora Bora-takes you to a far away destination
Boudoir-rose & sandalwood with added creamy vanilla & sexy musk
Breathe deep-citrus floral with woods
Butterflies-sweet with berries, woods & more
Cactus flower-earthy floral
Captive spirit-amber with woods & floral will definitely captivate your spirit
Caribbean dreams-will definitely bring your dreams to the Caribbean
Carnations in bloom-true blooming carnation scent
Casablanca lily-grassy, fruity, floral
Cashmere-deep & rich yet soft
Cedar & lavender-lovely lavender with woodsy cedar
Celestial waters-light watery yet upbeat with citrus
Celtic moon spice-earth & spices will definitely bring out a full moon
Chai tea-spicy & exotic yet delicious chai tea
Chamomile-very soothing chamomile
Champagne-very bubbly
Chantilly lace-sandalwood laced with orange & more
Cherry blossom-sweet & woodsy, no cherry scent in here
China lily-refreshing musky floral
Chinese empress-sensual & exotic
Chocoholic-for the chocolate lover in all of us
Chocolate espresso-heighten the love of rich espresso with creamy chocolate
Chocolate fondue-rich & chocolaty ready to top something
Chocolate rose-different twist on your average rose or chocolate, blend beautifully together
Chrype-rich & masculine smelling
Chrysanthemum-beautiful light floral
Cilantro-refreshing citrus herbal
Cinderella-Cinderella will not have any trouble at all finding a prince with this blend
Cinnamon sandalwood-spicy sandalwood
Citrus & teakwood-refreshing citrus woods
Clean cotton-light & airy cotton
Coco Cabana type-Will the Cabana boy bring you a new drink?
Coconut lime verbena-creamy coconut with bright verbena citrus
Coco mango-excellent coconut & mango duo
Cool cucumber & green tea-refreshing blend
Cool waters-take a dive in
Cotton blossom-light & breezy blow in the wind scent
Cotton candy-sweet straight from the fair
Cranberry wood spice-sweet but tart cranberry with woods & spice
Crème de la crème-the perfect cream of all creams
Cucumber melon-classic cucumber melon
Cupid-cupids arrow will catch you with this one
Daises & denim-light floral with a hint of freshly washed denim
Day dream- will take you to dreamland with orchid & woods
Day spa-refreshing spa scent with hints of floral & water
Day in Paris-floral woods & everything out of this world
Desert rain-sensual woods, rose & sandalwood
Desire-floral musk
Divalicious-woods, muck, berries & creamy vanilla to bring the diva out in all of us
Down to earth-centering earth & woods
Dragon’s blood-earthy incense type smell
Dream catcher-catch those dreams with woods, floral & spices
Dream weaver-amber & sandalwood with musk & more
Dr. Feelgood-refreshing woodsy & floral there to make you really feel good
Earl gray tea-Classic Earl gray scent
Earth-earthy & grassy
Echoes of the wild-wild jasmine bright orange & rich sandalwood
Emerald sea-soothing & refreshing aqua sea scent
Enchanted vanilla-creamy vanilla enriched with ylang & more
Energy-this citrus will bring out your inner energy
English Ivy-beautiful green floral
English lavender- excellent true lavender
Euphoria-bring yourself into euphoria with this amazing scent
Exhale-soothing woods & citrus with a hint of mint
Exotic black orchid-most dreamy orchid scent
Falling in love-fall in love with this sweet berry floral with a backnote of creamy vanilla
Fantasy-fantasize about sweet berries & exotic sandalwood
Feng shui Earth- for nurturing, caring, energy, inner peace
Feng shui Fire- brings romance & revitalization
Feng shui Metal- brings wealth & prosperity
Feng shui Water- gives balance & power
Flirt-citrus & fruity
Flower child-patchouli brings you back to those hippie days with this scent having so much more
Frankincense & Myrrh-get ready to meditate
Frangipani-gorgeous Hawaiian floral similar to Plumeria
Freesia-light breezy floral
Freesia plumeria-light & breezy freesia with a nose full of plumeria
French kiss-amber with cucumber melon & creamy vanilla
Frost bite-fresh & minty
Fruitopia-a utopia of fruit
Funky monkey-chocolate dipped bananas & other fruit sure to attract any funky monkey
Gardenia lily-lightened gardenia scent
Georgia sunrise-fresh peaches, other fruit & creamy vanilla
Geranium grapefruit-grapefruit with rosy geranium
Geisha-amber, sandalwood, spice & myrrh
Girl’s night out-all of our favorites sandalwood, citrus, floral, powder, musk
Goddess-bring out your inner goddess with ylang, citrus, spice & more florals
Good fortune “happiness”-bright citrus floral
Good fortune “harmony”-blend of rain & herbs
Good fortune “love”-blend of cherry blossom, sandalwood, & light floral
Good fortune “peace”-bland of light peaceful flowers
Good fortune “prosperity”-blend of green tea & florals
Grapefruit jasmine-tart grapefruit with sweet jasmine
Grapefruit lily- floral & tart
Green apple pear-blend of tart apples & pears
Green clover & aloe-perfect green spa scent
Green tweed-nice earthy sensual blend for men
Haiku-lilies jasmine & citrus
Hand in hand-blend of 3 sexy florals
Happy campers-blend of woods to lead you to happy trails
Harmony-blend of cherry blossoms, sweetness & woods
Hawaiian islands-will take you to the nearest luau
Hazelnut truffle-rich chocolaty hazelnut
Hearts desire-florals with desire of amber
Hearts & flowers-berry sweetened roses
Heaven scent-a newborn baby with berries & spice
Herbal-earthy herbal with a touch of floral
Hibiscus-rich & sweet like hibiscus tea
Hibiscus & Thai palm-rich earthy sweet with a hint of green
Hinokiwood & cypress-woods with laves & citrus
Honeydew pear-mouthwatering honeydew & pear
Honeymoon romance-sandalwood & florals to heat up the romance
Honeysuckle blossom-beautifully sweet honeysuckle with hints of other flowers
Hula-guava with berries & floral
Hummingbird-fruity floral
Hydrogen-rich, airy, green & fruity
Hypnotize-this blends of woods, florals, spice & cream can hypnotize anyone
Ibiza-light airy melon fruits & floral
Illusion-amber, musk, ocean, floral
Imagination- amber, sandalwood, balsam & more will bring out you’re imagination
Incense sticks-earthy patchouli, sandalwood & nag champa
Innocence- plumeria with sweet cream
Inspiration-frankincense & woods with a hint of orange
Interlude-patchouli, amber, fruit & more
Intuition-woodsy musky sandalwood very masculine
Jade garden-flora with hint of melon
Jamaica breeze-a blend of seashore breeze & a fruity rum punch
Jasmine yuzu-Japanese grapefruit blended with jasmine
Kai-creamy floral sandalwood musk
Karma-sandalwood, patchouli & aquatic notes
Katmandu-jasmine with spice & woods
Lady in red-wearing a sexy woody floral with an apple martini at hand
Lavender Ylang-very nice blend of lavender & ylang
Leather n lace-get out those leather boots with a floral perfume on some antique lace
Little black dress-all you need is this woodsy floral for a night on the town in this little black dress
Lotus-beautiful lotus smell
-this potion was concocted with love in mind
Love shack-shack up with this exotic floral
Magic-draw out the magic in this earthy blend with a hint of floral
Magnetism-woods, earth, sandalwood with a hint of greens
Man of sands-woodsy citrus for men
Meadow mist-floral musk
Meditation karma-frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli, with floral & citrus notes
Meditation soft spirit-frankincense with sweetness & floral
Meditation surreal-frank & spice
Memories-orange blossoms, woods & florals
Midnight in Tunisia-jasmine, tuberose, berries, sandalwood & more
Midnight magic-patchouli with woods & floral
Midnight wishes-earth with lavender & creamy vanilla
Midsummer’s night- patchouli with citrus lavender & a hint of lilies
Misbehavin-berries fruit & a hint of naughty
Mojito-rum with crushed mint & lime
Moon angel-rosewood, floral & musk
Moonlit lace-French vanilla, musk, floral & neroli
Moonlit path-jasmine, orange blossoms, floral & musk
Moonshadow-blend of teas, woods & jasmine
Moonstone-woods, amber & ylang
Mother earth-woods, spice & earth
New moon-woods with creamy vanilla & a hint of orange
Night blooming jasmine-sexier then your regular jasmine
Oasis-an oasis of water citrus
Oatmeal milk & honey-oatmeal with creamy milk & sweet honey
Ocean mist-a breath of fresh ocean air
Opium-sexy floral woody with a hint of spice
Orchid rain-light refreshing rainwater & rich orchid
Oxygen-refreshing, light & airy
Padparadscha-amber, musk, woods, earth, floral & citrus
Palm island-bright citrus wood with a hint of herbs
Palm wood & hibiscus-sweet hibiscus with exotic woods
Paradise-pineapple with citrus & gardenia
Passage to India-sandalwood rose with spice & a hint of orange
Passionate-berries, coconut, rose, amber & musk
Peace-bright floral with musk background
Peace of mind-lemongrass with rose, coriander & musk
Pear glace- sweet creamy pear
Pearls-coconut, ginger, sandalwood, berries, fruit, cream & hint of musk
Peony-pretty peony
Petit Cherie-fruit, woods & floral
Pillow talk-with sexy orchid, jasmine, & creamy sweet background
Pink bombshell-strawberries & other fruit blend make this one the bomb
Pink lace-sweet strawberry floral
Pistachio fluff-delicious whipped up pistachio
Pixie dust- fruity floral with melon, amber & hint of musk
Pleasure time-blend of floral & wood
Plumeria-amazing bold floral almost fruity background
Polynesian paradise-blend of lavender, ylang & more
Posh-citrus & fruit with a touch of spa aloe
Possibilities-bright citrus, florals, & patchouli
Provocative-sexy with sweetened creamy vanilla
Pure pleasure-woods, ylang, sandalwood & a touch of orange zest
Purple flower parade-blend of beautiful purple florals
Queen of Sheba- sandalwood & amber with exotic ylang, jasmine, lilies, citrus & creamy vanilla fit for a queen
Quiet time-citrusy woods & sweet vanilla
Rebel-woods with oakmoss & musk
Relaxation-woods with patchouli, lemongrass & a hint of floral
Retro-groovy with woods & musk
Rhapsody-earth, woods, musk, spice & a hint of berry
Sacred mountain-woods & pines with sensual ylang
Sandalwood rose-gorgeous blend for all occasions
Sands of morocco-sandalwood with a hint of floral & musk
Satin serenade- amber, wood, rose & hint of vanilla
Secret garden-fruit & floral with a hint of amber & musk
Seductions-sandalwood, musk, spice & creamy sweetened orange
Sensual-sexiest floral & woods
Serendipity-sugar coated cherry, orange, & coconut
Serenity-rosewood, citrus & lavender
Sexy as sin- tuberose, gardenia & musk
Shangri-la-lavender & coconut milk
Shimmering pink-strawberry with other light berries & flowers
Sleeping beauty- blend of light florals & hint of citrus
Solace-citrus, mint & herbs
Spa escape-spa light floral aqua scent
Starlight essence-flowers & fruit with a hint of musk
Stimulating- herbal woods
Sweet dreams-citrus with a hint of spice & sweet cream
Sweet pea-nice light floral
Temptation-pineapple, fruits, jasmine, musk, amber
Tranquility-tranquil floral breeze
Turkish mocha-chocolate coffee with hint of spice
Tutti fruity-fresh fruits & melons
Unique-patchouli, with fruit & flowers reminding you to be unique & be yourself
Velvet seduction-smooth exotic floral
Vixen-get ready to take control with this sexy blend of flowers woods & amber
Wet n Wild-musk, coconut with almond, flowers & a hint of musk
White tea-refreshing white tea
Windsong- pine, citrus & trees blowing songs in the wind
Yoga-balancing blend of citrus & herbs
Yuzu-Japanese grapefruit
Zanzibar clove-rich & spicy with a hint of musk
Zen fire- hot woods
Zen garden-blend of green tea, sandalwood & hint of floral

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