Sarah In Florida's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Artist Aid

Artists Pledging Aid to the Crisis in Japan.


THE CUSTOM ORDER CORNER is the place to request custom orders/wanted items! With over 3500 members we can make just what your looking for!

Eat Your Heart Out!

This TEAM is for all the Etsy workers who love to make delicious treats! Come join our team and show us what you are made of! :)

Etsians For Disaster Relief

Helping the world a little at a time

For The Love of Food

A group for those of us that love food. We love to make food, eat food and turn anything from felt, clay or soap into looking like it!

Fun and Friends Promotion Team

Hello folks, If you like to promote and feel promotion is vital for your success I invite you to join. It's all about having fun!

I Hate Teams

The Forums Are Awesome As They Are, Dagnabit

Japan Relief Team

A team dedicated to using part of their profits in order to aid the Japanese.

Promo Galore

Here is a place to just promote your items. No games, no rules (other than to promote) Just show everyone your shop!

Team Bacon

For Bacon Lovers Alike!