Iris' Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

A Promotion Commotion

Promotion Promotion Promotion!

Ace team

This team is all about helping to promote and help each other and at the same time to have fun.

Crochet Uniquely

People that love to crochet & promote their shops while promoting other team members' shops!

Daily Promotion

Promote your new items, treasuries, shops ...

Daily Trends

Daily threads that help promote team member's listings on the "trending" page.

Etsy Talent Management

TALENT PROMOTION COMMUNITY, which will HELP YOU make the most of your talents and abilities to get more Views, Likes and Sales in Etsy !!!

Extreme Promoting

An ideal place to come together and PROMOTE!

Favorite shops on Etsy

Welcome to the team, which always welcomes everyone who makes beautiful handmade objects raboty.A those who likes to buy these items !!!

For all members on etsy

welcome to our team ''For All Members on etsy''