SymbiotikFibers' Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


The ART Team is open to all buyers, collectors, and artists

Beginner SEO

Start to optimize your shop with helpful, specific advice tailored to your store.

Custom Shoes

Custom shoes are an awesome way to let your individuality shine through! Join if you love customised shoes :D

East Coast Artisans

Gathering place for Artisans of the US East Coast

Etsians of Social Media

From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and LinkedIn, we all have one - Promote and share yours with ESM!

Etsy for Dummies

I am new etsian & feel dummy YOU TOO? Join the group.

Etsy sellers who ship International

This is a team of Etsy sellers that offer international shipping in their shops!

Etsy Tweets

The purpose of this team is to support Etsy sellers through Twitter.

Geek Girls of Etsy

A place where geeky girls can hang out, promote new items and chat. team tag GGE team

Georgia Artisans

A place for all Georgia Artisans!