Jessica Elizabeth Monger's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

BritIsh Jewellery Makers on Etsy

A team for british Jewellery makers to showcase their shops

Goth n Gorgeous

MISSION: To create, inspire, motivate, and have fun.

Home for Displaced Victorians

People who should have or did live in Victorian times. We are born in the wrong century!

Jewelry Promotion

Handmade Jewelry,Jewelry Supplies and Vintage Jewelry

Needful Things Dark Trading Team

Needful Things Dark Trading Team is a collection of trade friendly shops that enjoy the darker side of life and Etsy!

North West UK Creatives

For all you Etsians living in the North West of the Uk

SoCal Etsy Guild

A team for people who live in Southern California or enjoy supporting artist from Southern California.

Spooky Cute team

For those who love to create spooky cute things.

The Crazy Advertisers Team

Welcome to The Crazy Advertisers Team!! Advertising is the key to being noticed and an increase in sales! Join now and...

UK Etsyers

A Team for UK based Etsy-ers