Kelley H's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Community Treasury team

for BNR/BNS addicts! We focus on sales and promotions!


A team for any Etsy seller that makes earrings or if you love earrings!

Etsy Shop Makeover Team

Whether your new to Etsy looking for a great shop image or a seasoned seller in need of a new style, this team is for you!

Jenuine BNR Team

BNR team for BNR addicts!

Love Etsy Treasury

Do you like to make etsy treasuries?Then join our team.

Made by Meg House of BNS

A team for shops involved with Made by Meg BNRs and BNSs

Promoting Creative Friends

This team is all about promoting each other, our items and our shops. We promote and support one another & become friends!