Trixy Xchange's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


The EtsyBRC is a global group of Etsians who also participate in Burning Man, the annual arts festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.


Some call it odd, we call it art!

Festival Lookbook

A team for festival lovers!


All Festivalgoers, Rainbow Fam, Vibe Tribe....Welcome Home.

GYPSIES tribal style handmade all over the world

gypsies tribal style handmade all over the world


Oddmall is Northern Ohio's most unusual art, craft, and culture festival - twice a year!

OOAK Show - Chicago

A team comprised of the Etsy Exhibitors at the OOAK Show in Chicago

Steampunk Me..

For Enthusiasts of that glorious Victorian Counter Culture!

Super Kawaii Pop

-Team Super Kawaii Pop is for people with an interest in cute, intimate love, or superficial.