VintageMarketPlace's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


This Team is Dedicated to All Lovers of Vintage and Antique Collectibles!

ETSY Lovers Vintage Only

Collectors of eclectic, unique, antique and vintage stuff!

Recycle Party

Recycle Party - Celebrating Earth-Friendly Ideas!

Shabby and Chic Team

For anyone who buys or sells Shabby and Chic, Rustic Farmhouse, or French Cottage items!

We Love Vintage! Do You? Promotion & Chat Team

Welcome buyers and sellers! Our common bond? Our love of vintage! A friendly group that posts practically 24/7. Come on in!

Whimsy & Glitter

Whimsy & Glitter is a team designed to bring together all the artists on Etsy who have the very best in Glittery, Whimsical Creations.