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We are moving! Come see us at websterschalkpaintpowder.com!…

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Websters Chalk Paint Powder, Fiddes Wax, Behr and Valspar paint, chip brushes, rags, sandpaper and FURNITURE



We are moving! Come see us at websterschalkpaintpowder.com!

Websters is a phenomenal product that Heather and I use every time we paint. We, the Webster girls, paint furniture, lots and lots of furniture. We love showing how easy it is to transform so many things from drabulous to fabulous! We are proud of the durability and ease of application of Websters. Our demonstrations and workshops have empowered people to pick up a brush and paint. Not sure you can? See our new blog!

We are typically too busy to blog but we DID IT! Visit our new blog at
http://websterschalkpaintpowder.blogspot.com !

S.F. says: Just finished my chalk paint project. LOVE the product. I will be purchasing it by the Gallon size next time!!! Thank you.

C. says: This is my second purchase of this chalk paint powder, and I love it!! I have painted a coffee table, a vase, and candleholders so far, and have projects lined up. I love being able to use whatever paint I want instead of buying a whole lot of one paint color and being stuck with it. What a great idea, and it works perfectly!!

C. says: Loved how this stuff turned out! Worked even better than expected. The claim that chalk paint works on glass turned out true for me, painted the underside of a glass coffee table and it looks fantastic! Definitely will buy again, thank you!

G.R. says: I love your product so much. I'm a newby at this type of art and y'all have made it so much easier. Thanks for a great product!!!

T.R. says: I LOVE the chalk paint powder!!! SOOOO easy to mix and use, no discoloring of my paints & SMOOTH (no clumping or powder clots)!!!

C.H. writes: I love your product...couldn't be more pleased. It turns out wonderful with each color I put it in.

A.A. says: I wanted to share a few pictures with you of the table I painted using Webster's Chalk Paint Powder. I really like how it turned out and I love your product. It was my first time using it.

D. writes: I absolutely LOVE this stuff! It's so easy to use, I can make custom colors and it leaves a fantastic, smooth finish, so there are no brushmarks!

M.S. writes: Webster's Chalk Powder is magic. I have always loved fixing up furniture, but when I would search for pieces to paint I always tried to make sure it was solid wood. Now that I have found this powder I'm not afraid to expand my search. This powder mixed with a latex paint is amazing. Most pieces I simply give a light sanding and then paint. Two coats and a coat of wax is nothing. My work and time is cut in half. I pride myself on finding unique pieces to use my chalk powder on. It is an awesome source for turning my junk into gems. :)

P.A. writes: Having fun experiment with this chalk paint powder and latex paint! Used on two smaller pieces of furniture so far, and love the ease the paint goes on, and the wonderful, smooth, matte finish.

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