Ellen Marett's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Best of the Pacific Northwest

Go local! Support Etsy shops located in the Pacific Northwest.

Etsy on SALE

Etsy On Sale - A new tool for your Etsy shop

Etsy Promotion and Advertising

Here you can promote everything! your shop, your new items, your sales, your facebook, pintrest ect.

Etsy U.S. Tax, Bookkeeping, QuickBooks, and Business License Topics

For those wanting to learn more about taxes, bookkeeping, QuickBooks, and business license topics

Fruit Jar Fanatics

For all lovers of Bail or Mason jars and their spinoffs.

Just Sewing

The place for sewing talk.

Local Buyers of the Pacific Northwest

This is a team for all buyers that like to shop local!

Promote your handmade items!

Sewing, Crochet, Handmade, Cards, Knit, Embroidery,

Seattle Artisans

A team for artisans in the Seattle area!

Seattle Handmade

Seattle Handmade (formerly etsyRAIN) is a supportive community of artists and craft makers in and around Seattle.