Karen George's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

360 Handmade

Learn more about art, design and making techniques, to be able to articulate your creations, and put yourself in perspective.

Beehive Arts and Crafts

For buyers and sellers of Mormon Art and Crafts


People who love BNS and want to create more sales while working with other small business people!

earthly crafters

This is a team of crafters from all over the world <3

Etsy Woodworkers

Etsy Woodworkers for all who enjoy the beauty within trees

Live Edge Furniture

Live edge furniture fabricator, sellers, wholesaler

My Etsy Friends

This team is for Etsy Sellers and Shoppers alike who enjoy getting together to chat, make friends and promote their shops.

Native American Forum: Walking The Red Road

One does not need to be Native American to participate. We warmly welcome all people who are inspired by and/or appreciate our culture.

Old Farmhouse Gathering

We are a talented, professional group of artisans who specialize in the primitive, country, and cottage style with a old fashioned flair!

Utah Team

Utah is a very crafty state, especially around Salt Lake. Lets all get together!