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Key of A began as a small endeavor to create the best in typewriter key jewelry on the market in St. Louis back in 2008. We began with a full line of typewriter key jewelry and accessories, quickly added cash register keys, and developed a distinct styling that was vintage inspired. Having a 35 year background in art, floral design, interior work, rehabbing historic homes, interior design commissions, refinishing furniture, painting techniques and drawing, it was easy to draw from the mechanics and methods and rules of design and apply them to jewelry making. For the past several years, we have been creating and marketing our upscale, unique line of upcycled jewelry and accessories that has now expanded to include many refound objects and relics of days gone by, reclaiming old chandelier parts, railway and transit tokens, optician lenses, watchmaker parts, game pieces, buttons, military memorabilia, dresser knobs, bullet casings and more into unique, wearable jewelry and accessories. Our styles emulate the era from which these components were born as well as our love for anything old, vintage, historic or antique in nature. It is these individual components that are the inspiration for our line.

As of August 2010, we launched our fully copyrighted SureShot Jewelry collection. The first of its kind in the Midwest and the first in Missouri as well, this handcrafted line of men and women's jewelry and accessories features authentic shotgun and bullet casings, repurposed into the only cohesive 400+ piece collection of its kind in the entire US. We hold the only patent for the manufacture of bullet and shotgun casings into jewelry applications. You won't find anything to compare in quality, artistry and craftsmanship when it comes to shotgun casing or bullet casing designs. We wrote the book on it. Since 2010, we've grown the collection to be one that is often imitated, but never equaled. You could say we've mastered the art of turning armament into ornament!

We've gifted select pieces to celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Khloe Kardashian. Pieces from the collection have been gifted to Hollywood's biggest celebrities at the Prime Time Emmy Awards and also to Country Music's biggest stars at the CMA Awards. Only a portion of the collection is offered in our Etsy shop, but you can find the full collection at www.sureshotjewelry.com. We also have a fan page on Facebook for SureShot at www.facebook.com/sureshotjewelry. SureShot is on its way to becoming a national lifestyle brand. SureShot is currently carried in several retailers across the country and we are growing these stocklists weekly. If you are a retailer and interested in carrying the SureShot collection, simply go to our website and click on the "Become a Retailer" link at the top or bottom of the Home Page to learn more.

In addition to the above, Georgia Pellegrini, notable chef and author has worn SureShot Jewelry since 2011. Georgia has been seen with our designs on shows like Jimmy Kimmel, Inside Edition, Fox News, in photos in the New York Times and many other blogs she is featured on.

Regarding our long time selling typewriter key jewelry, note that Key of A doesn't produce the typical key in a cup on a ball chain using typewriter keys or hang a skeleton key on a chain looks and call them designs. Rather, Key of A creates artistic designs using years of experience in art and design to create wearable art. We understand metal colors, textures, design mechanics, etc. and take each component and incorporate them into fashion forward looks and designs that are reflective of their past, their size, their shape, coloring and style. All of our work is finished, meaning the front, sides and back of our pieces are complete, not exposed backs, incorrect mechanics or lack of proper jewelry techniques which separate us from those who are crafters, want-a-bee's, copycatters or weekend garage dwellers. Our components hang correctly, many designs copyrighted and are unique to Key of A, and finally, the craftsmanship and quality are superior to most you will see that create anything similar to our work. We're never afraid to photograph the back of our work as it looks as good as the front - finished, protected, mindful of your skin and shows the artistry in our work.

Key of A's work can be found in several boutiques across the United States. We also participate in all of the popular fine art/craft shows, exclusive events, conventions and private showings all around the Midwest and have done so since 2009.


Being environmentally conscious, Key of A embraces all of the components we discover and strive to create pieces that will give new life for years to come in our ever expanding line of upcycled jewelry and accessories. All machines, fixtures, etc. that we utilize in our work are recycled, salvaged or parted out to restorers across the county in an attempt to keep them from hitting the landfills. Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose is our motto!

All of the designs represented in our stores are our own (and many are copyrighted). We have found that others here on Etsy and elsewhere have taken inspiration from our work, so you may see similar designs as we have been often copied, but never equaled!

We take pride in what we create and want our customers to do the same. We want customers to be proud to say their pieces came from Key of A!

We will continue to update our styles, increase our use of refound materials and create new designs while keeping with the current fashion trends. We attend fashion week in New York City and continually study trends and styles through various means. We hope you visit us over and over, if not to purchase, but to just see what we've come up with next!



Key of A has a strong brand presence. "Key of A" is a registered trademark so when you purchase an item from Key of A, it will come to you in our branded packaging ready for gift giving. Key of A believes that presentation is as important as what is inside the box! Who wants to pour out their necklace or bracelet from a 10 cent organza bag??

SureShot is a fully copyrighted collection and brand under Key of A. We are proud to say that we hold the official patent on the manufacturing of shotgun and bullet casings into jewelry applications so you know that your SureShot Jewelry has been produced using proper jewelry mechanics and excellent craftsmanship. SureShot has strong branding and it too comes in our specially branded SureShot packaging.

Knowing a piece of jewelry comes from Key of A is easy too. All of our bracelets come with Key of A's signature typewriter charm or cash register charm. In the case of our SureShot collection, our bracelets and several of our designs come with our signature gun or pistol charm.

We care about those who are sensitive to certain metals too. We only use hypo-allergenic and stainless french hooks for our earring wires and all earrings come with earring keepers so you don't lose them! Our chains are brass based and our silver chains are brass, heavily sterling plated and oxidized. No lead or nickel contents. We also offer some sterling silver jewelry as well, namely our bullet leverbacks and sterling rings. And most importantly, unlike a majority of the new shops here on Etsy now creating bullet jewelry, we never use components or findings from overseas that are zinc alloys or zanak. We are all about American Made and can't see using inexpensive components from China to hold the very components that are branded with historical names such as Winchester and Remington, both being the fabric of our great nation we call the United States! It's insulting!

THANK YOU FOR VISITING OUR ETSY SHOP. Please hop over to our SureShot Jewelry website to see the largest and oldest collection of shotgun and bullet casings on the market. Go to www.sureshotjewelry.com. We wrote the book on turning armament into ornament.

SureShot has an active Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sureshotjewelry

Love Pinterest? Check out SureShot's boards and follow us at www.pinterest.com/sureshotjewelry

Follow us on Twitter: @thekeyofa AND/OR @sureshotjewelry


Interested in wholesaling SureShot Jewelry in your store? Please visit www.sureshotjewelry.com and click on the "Become a Retailer" link at the top or bottom of the Home Page to apply.

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