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Welcome to AJSweetSoap, where we believe in allowing you to indulge all your cravings - without the guilt and calories! My name is Denise, and I'm a married, full time working mom to two great kids (all three keep me on my toes!) Soaping has grown from being a fun hobby to my greatest obsession! I love to experiment with new and creative ideas that you won't see anywhere else...

Check out our newest fragrances! We've got a full line of fragrances to indulges all your senses - and since our soaps are custom made to order, you can choose your favorite! Browse our fragrance list, but be sure to check back often as we're always adding new decadent options!

******From Our Chocolate Fragrance Line...

CARIBBEAN COCONUT: The luscious scent of coconut mixed with a hint of cocoa…

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Fun Food Soap and Decadent Dessert Vegan...


Welcome to AJSweetSoap, where we believe in allowing you to indulge all your cravings - without the guilt and calories! My name is Denise, and I'm a married, full time working mom to two great kids (all three keep me on my toes!) Soaping has grown from being a fun hobby to my greatest obsession! I love to experiment with new and creative ideas that you won't see anywhere else...

Check out our newest fragrances! We've got a full line of fragrances to indulges all your senses - and since our soaps are custom made to order, you can choose your favorite! Browse our fragrance list, but be sure to check back often as we're always adding new decadent options!

******From Our Chocolate Fragrance Line...

CARIBBEAN COCONUT: The luscious scent of coconut mixed with a hint of cocoa.

CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE: Deliciously rich chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream - YUM!

CHOCOLATE WHOOPIE PIE: Decadent rich dark chocolate cake with freshly whipped cream and luscious chocolate - yum!

CHOCOLATE RUM BALLS: Just like those you'll find at the candy shops! Delicious chocolate with a hint of rum

PEPPERMINT PATTIE: Delightfully realistic! Chocolate and mint refreshment!

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE: A sinful, decadent chocolate

FUDGE BROWNIE: The scent of warm brownies just being baked - scrumptious!

HOT COCOA: Nothing's better on a cold winter's day...Our Hot Cocoa fragrance is perfect in any of our products - the soothing, decadent scent of chocolate and cream...Yum!

COFFEE MOCHA: A deliciously fragrant blend of coffee, vanilla and chocolate - has been compared to Starbucks....MMMMMMMMM


BOURBON VANILLA: A rich, warm blend of madagascar vanilla, cedarwood, musk and lemon.

SWEET VANILLA CHAI: Freshly-shaved coconut, sticky maple syrup, golden butter, and white chocolate tea blended with warm spices and vanilla rum.

FRESH BAKED BREAD: Scents straight from the oven!

FROOTY LOOP CEREAL: Memories of childhood will flash back to you with these fun and fruits scents!

GINGER ORANGE: Stimulating ginger and refreshing orange perfectly blend to energize and uplift the senses.

BANANA COCONUT: Tropical and delcious

CARAMELIZED SWEET POTATOES: Deliciously fragrant blend of sweet potato, brown sugar and cinnamon

PISTACHIO MACAROON: Super sweet and nutty, this macaroon is yummy enough to eat. Notes of sugared pistachio and amaretto blended with warm, buttery cookies.

MAPLE PECAN STRUESEL: Fresh pecans with a sinful sticky maple glaze

FARMER'S MARKET STRAWBERRY JAM: A delicious blend of green apple and vine-ripened strawberry

PEACH ORCHARD: Loads of ripe, juicy peaches - sweet!

PEACH BELLINI: Orange slices glisten with sparkling rays of translucent white peach nectar and bubbly champagne

FRENCH VANILLA: Rich and creamy with a blend of sweet sugar...A true classic

HONEY BUTTER: A rich and creamy blend of freshly whipped buttercream and golden honey

BUBBLIN' BERRY COBBLER: A delicious blend of blackberry and blueberry with a hit of baked goodness!

HONEY DIPPER: Fresh honey right from the jar - ideal for our Golden Honey Bubble Bath!

ORANGE DANISH: So temping! Just like a trip to the bakery

SWEET POTATO PIE: Just in time for the Fall - and just like homemade!

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH: Just sliced off the refrigerated roll!

GRAPE JELLY: Delicious straight from the jar!

RAINBOW SHERBET: Creamy and refreshing - a blend of orange, lemon and berry desserts - ideal for ice cream soap!

FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE: The ideal scent for Summer - sweet and juicy!

FRESH TOASTED PUMPKIN SEEDS: Delicious pumpkin seeds, sprinkled with ginger and cinnamon - topped with brown sugar

HAZELNUT CAPPUCINO: The perfect coupling of ground hazlenuts and freshly brewed coffee

ROOTBEER FLOAT: An old fashioned delight! Root beer, ice cream and cinnamon make a sweet treat!

APPLE FESTIVAL: Delicious, crisp apples with a hint of Fall....Delicious!

PINK GRAPEFRUIT: Refreshing pink grapefruit aroma, freshly squeezed!

LEMON ZEST: A citrus-lovers dream! A blend of lemon and grapefruit that's sure to make you pucker!

SWEET CORN PUDDING: So sweet and creamy - perfect for our Corn on the Cob soap!

SPICED CRANBERRIES: Festively spiced - perfect any time of year!

LEMON POUNDCAKE: Fresh baked goodness! Lemon zest, sugar and butter will tantalize your senses!

LEMON DROP COOKIES: Delicious combination of sweet sugar cookies with a touch of lemon extract

RAINBOW CONFETTI CAKE: One of our newest faves for dessert soap! Vanilla Cake, sugar, and buttercream will dazzle you!

GOJI BERRY DELIGHT: Amazingly delicious and fragrant - a mouthwatering combination of Blackberry, Goji Berry Valencia Orange, Pomegranate, Loganberry, Gooseberry, Vanilla Cream, and a touch of musk.

PASSIONFRUIT NECTARINE: All things Summer! Ripened passionfruit, nectarine, apple and mango - deliciously sweet and tropical

HONEY ALMOND: A sweet blend of fresh honey, cream and almond

SWEET SUMMER BERRY MIMOSA: Fresh, ripened fruits such a pomegranate, strawberry and raspberry with sparkly cider..A refreshing summer fragrance!

RICH STRAWBERRY JAM: Thick and rich strawberry syrup - amazingly delicious!

OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIE: Sweet, fresh-baked comfort

CARAMEL PEARS: Unbelievably decadent! Ripened pears with hot melted caramel drizzle

VANILLA BEAN: Top notch vanilla bean

LEMON ICE: A refreshing summer treat!

LIMEADE: Delicious mix of lemon, lime and citrus

KEY LIME PIE: A sweet yet tart refreshment

ICED TEA TWISTER: Sweet and luscious tea, with a hint of lemon

COFFEE HOUSE BLEND: Just as fresh and invigorating as a cup of your favorite coffeehouse java

STRAWBERRY MARGARITA: Intoxicating refreshment!

MINT MOJITO: Refreshing mint, sugar, lime and rum - delicious!

CHERRY VANILLA: A classic blend of sweet cherries and creamy vanilla

PINK LEMONADE: A cool, refreshing tart yet sweet scent, perfect for Summer!

CHERRY CHIP DELIGHT: A wonderful combination of bakery cake, cherry chips and chocolate.

FROZEN MARGARITA: Perfect for the upcoming months - smooth, refresing and cool

COSMO: A sultry and exotic taste of sophistication. Sugared berries, vanilla and lime juice. Intoxicating!

BERRY DELIGHTFUL: A must for the customer who loves the scent of berries - raspberry, pomegranate, cranberry and a touch of citron...

SEA SALT CARAMEL: A sinfully delicious combination of rich, buttery caramel and hints of vanilla and cream - luscious!

JELLY DONUT: Everyone loves a delicious strawberry jelly-filled donut, and this fragrance oil will have you craving one! Sugar, fried dough, vanilla and sweet strawberry jam will be sure to delight!

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE: The richly indulgent scent of cheesecake, layered with a thick, strawberry sauce topping...

DIVINE CHERRY PIE: Has been compared to the well known Bath and Body Retailers - the wonderfully enticing aroma of cherry and raspberry topped with sweet cream and pastry

CINNAMON BREAD PUDDING: Creamy vanilla combined with walnuts, cinnamon, and honey. A taste delight

APPLE BERRY CRUMBLE: The deliciously comforting aroma of fresh fruit and cinnamon baked topping

PEPPERMINT CREME: Amazingly sweet and refreshing - a luscious mix of peppermint, whipped cream, and marshmallow - YUM!

STRAWBERRIES & CREAM: Fresh, summer strawberries topped with fresh cream - a scent everyone loves!

SEX ON THE BEACH: A wonderful visit to the tropics! It will have you visualizing yourself sitting on by the shore with a tropical drink in hand!

LEMON POUNDCAKE: A light lemony scent that is so sweet, refreshing and invigorating

ANISE: An all-natural essential oil that is simple yet seductive. An almost licorice fragrance - may remind you of licorice candies at the sweet shoppe!

BLUEBERRY MUFFIN: Tart, juicy blueberries mixed with orange zest, buttery cake, almond and vanilla. Just as a blueberry muffin should be!

HOT BUTTERED POPCORN: This scent is the tantalizing combination of freshly popped popcorn and melted butter - the perfect pairing!

CARAMEL COVERED POPCORN: Another tempting treat! The scent of freshly popped popcorn, coated with sticky sweet caramel. Sinful!

MARGARITA LIME: A must-have for the Summer! The refreshingly intoxicating combination of Tequila and Lime - Delicious!

SUGARED SHORTBREAD: This scent is exactly the same as the scent sold in those well-known mall bath stores. A lightly sweet and highly delicious scent

TOASTED MARSHMALLOW: The comfortingly sweet aroma of marshmallows roasting over an open fire - the perfect fragrance for our melted marshmallows in our S'mores!

MELON BALL: A summer favorite treat can now be a favorite soap fragrance too! The combination of Mango, Papaya and Melon will be sure to lift your spirit this season!

BANANA CREAM PIE: Wait til you see what we have in store for this one! In the meantime, this delicious aroma of Bananas, Vanilla and Rum will delight you!

COCONUT: A truly fragrant stay on a tropical island. Great alone, or mixed with chocolate for our ultimate "mounds" soap

ORANGE CREAMSICLE: The flavor you all know and love - an orange/cream fragrance which will invigorate your day in a truly delicious way

WEDDING CAKE: Scrumptious freshly baked white cake, pure sugar and rich, buttercream frosting

CINNABUN: The fragrant aroma of freshly-baked cinnamon buns - you'll swear you have some baking in the oven or are in the local foodcourt at the mall!

CHERRY ALMOND: What a wonderful combination. Excellent alone, or mixed with one of our chocolate fragrances! A must-try!

BIRTHDAY CAKE: An amazingly sweet fragrance that smells like yellow cake with buttercream frosting. You can almost smell the candles burning!

CAKE BATTER ICE CREAM: One of our favorite vanilla scents - sweet yet subtle at the same time

VANILLA BUTTERCREAM: Another favorite for party favors! This scent will remind you of the thick, rich buttercream frosting that tempts you to run your fingers through the icing

CHERRY: A wonderfully natural tasting cherry. Mixed with chocolate, this makes the best smelling cherry cordials!


SEA GLASS: The fresh clean scent of sea water, fresh air, sparkling citrus and soft woods

YUZU: A bright blend with strong notes of Yuzu, subtle florals and a touch of citron makes this fragrance an all year favorite.

HAWAIIAN COCONUT: A delightfully refreshing fusion of juicy tangerine and papaya that gives way to soothing coconut notes

DAY AT THE BEACH: Warm sun-kissed sand, sea spray, salt, jasmine and mandarin. The perfect Summer experience

FIRST RAIN: Crisp, clean blend of orange, lemon, white jasmine, lily of the valley, geranium and musk.

FIFTY SHADES: Alluring and sexual - rose and geranium undertones with bergamot and golden amber. Sinful!

LICK ME ALL OVER: Yes, that is really the name! Tantalizing blend of vanilla, orange, cherry and pineapple. Very fragrant and romantic

CASHMERE GLOW: A new personal favorite! The alluring mix of vanilla, pear and musk - a lavish scent you'd find in your favorite mall stores!

BUTTERFLY ORCHID: A lush blend of exotic orchid and osmanthus with warming bergamot, sandalwood and musk.

CUCUMBER AND FRESH MINT: Cool, crisp cucumber with a touch of freshly-picked mint. Refreshing and comforting

POMEGRANATE APPLE: Crisp red apples and juicy fresh pomegranate - deliciously refreshing

SPEARMINT-EUCALYPTUS: Soothe all your stress away with this relaxing blend

WILD CURRANT AND SANDALWOOD: A crisp scent of sandalwood with a light touch of berries

CLEAN COTTON SHEETS: The fresh and comforting scent of freshly-washed linens

HEAVENLY: A unisex fragrance that sure to become your favorite - subdued scent of pear, violet and musk

CHANEL-TYPE: For the Chanel lover - a classic that never goes out of style!

TROPICAL VACATION: Juicy pineapple, luscious coconut with touches of lime and orange citrus

BETWEEN THE SHEETS: Romantic and seductive - a blend of musks that's perfect for men and women alike!

SECRET WONDERLAND: A wonderful unisex scent consisting of blends of Luscious Strawberry, Wild Goji Berries, Ripe Raspberry, Gardenia Petals, Frosted Jasmine, Peach Nectar, White Amber, Coconut Musk, Creamy Vanilla.

SEASIDE ESCAPE: Sweet apple blossom mixed with the scent of water lilies; all accented by the scent of the ocean

BAMBOO: Refreshing Green Tea with bamboo

BAMBOO & WHITE GRAPEFRUIT: An alluring blend of citrus, musk and bamboo - a must try!

BABY POWDER: Johnson's Baby Powder to a tee! Great for baby shower favors!

TEMPTATION: A seductive male favorite, combining musk, amber and rosemary.

BROWN SUGAR & FIG A beautiful scent perfect for men and women alike - an attractive scent that you're sure to love

STRAWBERRIES & CHAMPAGNE: A seductive blend of sweetened berries with a touch of intoxication! A great spa scent

BLACK AMBER MUSK: For him - a sexy blend of musk and spices

COCONUT LIME VERBENA: One of the most popular fragrance at the Bath Shops in the mall. A clean, refreshing blend of coconut, lime and verbena.

OATMEAL, MILK & HONEY: Another crowd favorite for men, women and children. A pleasantly sweet aroma of oatmeal, honey, cream and almond. A must have, and a personal favorite!

CUCUMBER MELON: A cool, refreshing favorite - compares to some of the well-known store brands!

TUBEROSE: A beautiful fragrance brought about by a mixture of flower blends - subtle and pretty

RICE FLOWER & SHEA: A soft and gentle fragrance. Beautiful! A customer favorite!

SHOWER SEXY: A seductive, summery blend of Orange, Cherry, Peach, Pineapple and Vanilla.

TOBACCO CARAMEL: Rich, warming tobacco blossom wrapped with caramel and notes of mandarin, honey and rose.


PUMPKIN LAGER: A Delicious blend of pumpkin and freshly brewed lager.

NUTCRACKER: A sinful yet festive blend of hazelnuts, maple and coconut with hints of tropical fruit.

NAUGHTY OR NICE: Sweet vanilla with touches of freshly-ground nutmeg and clove

PUMPKIN COOKIE: Fresh baked holiday goodness! Sweet pumpkin and spices make this a great Autumn fragrance

GINGERBREAD LATTE: Everything you love about your favorite hot beverage from the local coffee shops - delicious!

CLOVE: The ideal holiday scent - true to life clove scent

PUMPKIN APPLE BUTTER: The ideal Fall scent, any time of year! Fresh, ripe apples with sweet pumpkin

SWEET BUTTERMINT MELTAWAY: A delicious wintry blend of peppermint and cream - think of an after-dinner mint!

MRS CLAUS COOKIES: Santa's favorite cookies are baked with this scrumptious scent!

STICKY SWEET MARSHMALLOW TREATS: A delicious blend of marshmallow, vanilla and sugar - yum!

WITCHES BUBBLY BREW: Our newest addition for our Halloween soaps! A little of everything enchanting for this alluring blend

SEXY VAMPIRE BITES: Sexy mix of cherry, vanilla and berry - alluring!

SANTA'S PIPE: The warmly comforting aroma of raspberry, vanilla, and tobacco

WARM & COZY CHRISTMAS: A comforting scent combination including rum, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and chocolate

AUTUMN WREATH: A Touch of Fall's Beauty - a subtle aroma of balsam fir, cedar, clove and vanilla.

CHESTNUTS AND BROWN SUGAR: The sinful combination of sugar, vanilla, caramel and butter over crisp, fresh chestnuts. YUM!

PURELY PUMPKIN: A delicious combination of pumpkin, mild spices and maple syrup - so delicious!

DIRT: Yes, you read that right. Dirt. Our Halloween standard fragrance! This intriguing scent will have you reminiscing of childhood playing in the yard after a fresh rain, and making mudpies. One customer refers to this as "spring garden"

GINGERBREAD: A classic! Aromatic blends of nutmeg, clove, ginger and cinnamon - great for the holiday season!

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