Andrea Dawn's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Best of British

A team for every etsy seller based in the UK!


A team for all those who take part in the Craft Buzz events

Crafty jewellers :)

A meeting point & information for jewellery makers


A Social Media Networking Team

Handmade beaded goodies

Live in the UK & Make Jewellery? Join the team!

Handmade From The Heart

This team is for anyone with handmade products that wishes to promote their works and willing to help promote other's works as well.

Handmade in Great Britain

Championing and Promoting all things designed, handmade, hand-crafted in Great Britain (UK) by Residents of Great Britain

Handmade Jewellery UK

A team for all UK jewellery makers and lovers!

Handmade UK

A team for UK crafters of handmade items.

Happy Etsians

Happy Etsians help each other boost their sales :)