Coral's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Help for NEWBIES

New? Need help? Been here done this? Let's brainstorm and find ways to get out there and sell, sell, sell!

Polymer Clay

Open to makers of canes, beads, jewelry, miniatures, sculptures or anything else in polymer clay. Tips, support, contests, answers & more.

Polymer Clay Food

This team is for any one who makes or buys polymer clay food!!!


Love polymer clay minitaures and charms? WELL JOIN NOW!

Promote, Promote and More Promote

Let's all help promote each other and work on getting sales

Promotion Games

Help each other by playing the Promotion games .

Resin Crafters

Team for resin-based crafts

Resin Sculptures

A place where people can come and ask questions on how to create sculpture to be molded and cast out of a variety of resins.

The Art Of Whimsy

This team is for anyone who describes their hand crafted items as "whimsical" !