Stephanie R. Combs' Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Crochet Lovers

A place to share your favorite crochet pieces of your own and other shop pieces as well. Share there listings and share your listings.

Cushion Appreciation Group

Because you have to have more than one cushion on the couch!

Dreamcatcher Love!

The name says it all - this is an Etsy Team to gather all who love dreamcatchers and promote those who sell them!

Etsy Buyers Anonymous for the etsy addicted

Welcome to E.B.A! Do you spend most of your spare coin on etsy? YUP me too! Also a general help forum for NEWBIES with questions on buying.

People who like nature

If you enjoy nature and being outdoors, or just enjoy artwork depicting landscapes, this is the group for you!

Pet Lovers Unite

For those who love their pets

Stuffed Animals of Etsy

A place for those who make or just love stuffed animals can promote their products and share their inspiration!

Team Sock Monkey

Forum for sock monkey fans of all ages to discuss, promote, and share their creations. Viva la Sock Monkey!