artbitz's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Digital Designers Team

For sellers creating their own original, digital, graphic designs and illustrations.

Etsy Graphic Designers

We are a team of Etsy Graphic Designers.

Graphic Designers

For all you artsy people out there

Midwest Artist

Midwest based artist of all types welcomed

Precious Scrapbook and More

Come and join the fun if you are a scrapbooker or a cardmarker or just a paper crafter like myself.

Scrapbook Ninjas

If your addicted to scrapbooking then this is the Team to join! Share ideas, meet friends, market your scrapbook business, and so much more!


A team for all 2,639,476 Etsy shop keepers and buyers to share in the wealth of this awesome marketplace!

World Biz Promotion

This Promotion team is about all aspects of promoting your business.Share your experiences,suggestions we all learn together.