Petite Studs' Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

$20 or less!

Welcome to $20 or less! We are a team dedicated to gaining exposure, and therefore sales, to the less expensive items on Etsy.

1 of a Kind

For anyone who appreciate hand made art of any media

2012 Jewelry-Ma­king Challenges -WIN Prizes!

Once a month, a new contest/challenge will be issued to the vast jewelry-making community.

2nd Chance BNS TEAM

Make Sales and Friends in this Buy N Stay Team that focuses on Promoting and making SALES! We have had over 16,000 sales in two years!


A group of members who are dedicated to crafting and helping promote others

360 Handmade

The Global Resource for all Handmade art and crafts contributed by the Makers themselves.

Advertise Here!

Any new items, discounts, sales, or just store exposure, post them here!

Advertisin­g and Promotion Team

A place for sellers to promote and be found and for buyers to find great deals on the items they love.

Alexandria Team

Unlimited Promotion Threads, Unlimited Treasury Threads, Unlimited Game Threads. If you can imagine it, you can post it!

All In one team

A team where you can find everything you need.