Eileen Renger Kundin's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Busy Moms of Etsy

​Our group is a sounding board and resource for moms! A place to network and to get tips on organization, selling, and being a mom.


Discussions is a place to get advice and talk about various topics with the community.

Giggles and Grins

We are a team dedicated to making unique and quality infant and children's items.

Keeping Up With CPSIA

Etsy members gather here to discuss issues related to CPSIA and children's product safety.

Posh Nursery

A team for shops who specialize in creating fabulous products for the perfect nursery!

Similar Items in Search Results

Find what you are looking for faster when filtering by similar items in search.

Supporting Artists Team

It is easy to get lost in a crowd. You won't get lost here!

The Critique Games

Miss the games from the old forums that used to help your really hone your shop. Here is a new home for them.