Scott Snyder's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


A place to gather with Etsy friends who use Chatwagon!

Craft Fairs... it's a living!

For members who make their living at Craft Fairs.


Find out more about Craftcount, the Etsy Top Sellers tracking app and join the discussion.


Discussions is a place to get advice and talk about various topics with the community.


Etsy is hard. We're easy! The only place for chatting about everything . - Beware Cheap Imitations! -

Great Lakes Creatives

Artists and Crafters from Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York or Pennsylvania, and Ontario.

Made in Wisconsin

Talented Etsy makers based in the great state of Wisconsin

Men of Etsy - MOE

A team comprised of male sellers on Etsy

Mom's Basement

A team for creators and lovers of all things GEEK!

New York Dreamers

I am a dreamer with a dream of living in NYC someday. If you share the same dream please join this team!!