Rose's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Captains' Quarters

We'd like all the team captains to join us here.

Conquest of The Front Page

We are dedicated to finding fun and creative ways to promote our shops, straight to the front page!


A team for any members of Ravelry who have Fiber-Arts-Related Etsy Shops

Etsy Trade-a-holics

A network of etsy sellers that enjoy trading.


The Homespun Society is a group of like minded individuals focused on the success of small home built business.


A social network promotion team for ingenious shop owners.

Quit Your Day Job

This team is for all who HAVE or WANT to quit their day jobs. This team is to help you get there and stay there! Quit your day job & live!

Recycle Party

Recycle Party - Celebrating Earth-Friendly Ideas!

Shopper's Paradise BNR Team

The Best Etsy BNR forum thread turned the Best BNS team! :)

The Artisan Group (TAG)

This Team is for Approved Members of The Artisan Group ONLY. You may apply for membership at