Maya's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

All In one team

A team where you can find everything you need.


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Custom Made Vintage Style Fashion, Altered & Haute couture

For the seamstress, tailor, designer or artist who creates passionate vintage reproductions or inspired fashion of the past.


There are cute little girls are all over Etsy and this will be there home. Share all of your cute girls here!

Hello Kitty & Sanrio Addicts!

Anyone and everyone who is addicted or may I say OBSESSED with Hello Kitty and/or Sanrio characters.

Hello Kitty & Sanrio Etsys

Welcome ALL Sanrio Character Etsyians (People like you that uses Etsy) ESPECIALLY Hello Kitty lovers!!!! Which, most of us are... ^.^

Hime Gyaru & Sweet Lolita

Hime Gyaru & Sweet Lolita - accecorys and clothing

Japanese Street Fashion

A celebration of Japanese Street Fashion in accessories and anything else. PROMOTION TEAM


We sell all things kawaii.

Kawaii Fairy Kei Artisan Team

For artisans who love to create Kawaii, Fairy Kei and/or Lolita jewelry and accessories!