Melody's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Buy Local Canada

A group dedicated to bringing together Canada-based Etsians who favor local suppliers.

Canada Post Shipping Labels Prototype

A team for sellers to test purchasing and printing Canada Post postage on Etsy!

Copper Enthusiasts!

For those who love working with copper!

Copper Lovers

This new team is an environment for all copper artists to share tips & techniques for working with copper and other crafts

Etsy Relevancy SEO and Stats

Search engine optimization (SEO), relevancy, Shop Stats & GA - formerly CindyLouWho Team

Help Us Get Sales

This team is for sellers who have had very few sales, AND buyers who are willing to help us.

Jewelry Making contest group

This is a group of jewelry makers that want to learn and expand and compete with other jewelry makers.

Jewelry Shops

Anyone who sells jewelry can join! Anyone who wants to buy jewelry should join, too! ♥

metal maniacs

for artists who use metal as their medium


For all those crafty single mothers out there!