Danielle Shroyer's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Big Etsy BLITZ

Blitzing our little HEARTS out!

Change it up with charms

Jewelry suppliers, artists, retailers and more. Wanting to work together to enhance business by supporting each other.

Etsy Redditors

Open to any members of reddit or those who are interested in joining.

Grow your Business

This team is dedicated to helping our members grow their businesses.

Handmade Treasuries

This team is devoted to creating treasuries for all handmade items on etsy!

how to improve my etsy shop

This team is meant to create a forum for the new shops or shops that haven't had many sales, and want to improve their shop.

Jewelry Club- Buyers, Makers & Suppliers

Join if you're an artist, supplier or a shopper! Jewelry makers & jewelry supply shops unite in one convenient location.

Jewelry Lovers!

Join this team if you love or make jewelry! We can give each other inspiration and help. Anyone on this team is allowed to create a thread.

Lets Get High Off Sales


Lots of views, no sales :-(

A team for people who have lots of views but no, or very few sales