Juliette Backey's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Amigurumi Pokemon League

A team for Pokemon amigurumi makers and lovers!

Crochet Uniquely

People that love to crochet & promote their shops while promoting other team members' shops!

Etsy Amigurumi Team

The Esty Amigurumi Team includes makers, designers, designers and lovers of amigurumi (the art of knit or crochet dolls).


This thread is for all the Thread Killers in Etsy Land. All are free to join We strive to answer all posts!

Geeks Unleashed

A collection of geek themed shops that are supported and promoted by the podcast crew of "Geeks Unleashed!"


For those of you that like to blog and host them and for those of you that want to be featured and have your items in a giveaway

Hikikomori Crafters

Feel like your turning into a Hikikomori Crafter? That's fine join the club! Come here to Promote, chat, and talk about your projects.

Pokemon Masters

A place for all PokeMasters of Etsy to unite and share!