Deborah Barbre's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Doll Cothes

This is for people who make and sell doll clothes!

Doll Couture

Handmade Doll Clothing

Fabulous vintage!

"Only when you do not see the new in the old does growth cease."

Fashion for Dolls

This team is for anyone who makes clothes, dresses and accessories for any kind of dolls.

Happy Etsy Sellers

How to be visible, have daily Etsy sales and connect with etsy members.

Helping Hearts

Membership is by invitation only.

Simply Devoted to Promotion

For all those who love to promote your beautiful items!

Thimbles and Patterns

This is a place for sewers! All kinds of sewers, hand sewing and machine sewing too! All crafters are welcome too!