Dawn's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


What's a BNR? What's a BNS?

Etsy Craft Party Team

This group is a fun way to gather together Craft Party organizers and participants across the globe.

Follow Me Etsy Club

This team is open to all etsy sellers who want to get their shops noticed. This team is partnered with bloggerdise.com

great lake artists

Michigan based artists supporting eachother

Made by Meg House of BNS

A team for shops involved with Made by Meg BNRs and BNSs

Metro Detroit Etsy

For active Etsy sellers located in the 9 county Metro Detroit area.

Michigan ETSY

Any artists living in Michigan

Michigan Etsy (MICE)

A team for residents of the Mitten State.

Michigan Pride

Michigan is a wonderful place to be and do business, we can celebrate the love we have for Michigan here!

Michigan's Trolls of Etsy

We are a group of Michigan crafters, promoting each other and local handmade goods!