anne keller-smith's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Beads and Supplies Discount Buying Group

Fire Mountain Gems - ALWAYS! get the lowest list price available. NO minimum order. NO prepayment. International shipping.

Business Questions

For all those wanting to share idea, ask questions, or answer questions about running a small business

Etsy Relevancy SEO and Stats

Search engine optimization (SEO), relevancy, Shop Stats & GA - formerly CindyLouWho Team


We are a team of Jewish Artists promoting our love of art

Judaica Gifts

Jewish & Judaica Gifts

Judaica on Etsy

A team for those who sell Judaica on etsy

Lehigh Valley Love

A place for Lehigh Valley natives and Lehigh Valley based Etsy sellers to come together!

Salam Shalom Etsy Team

Aims to bring Muslim, Jewish, & other Etsy members together through supporting one another's work.

Swarovski Fans

For anyone that LOVES Swarovski Crystal!