flowerbubbles' Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

"The Shop Above You" Critiques

This team is for the people who loved particitpating in "the shop above you" critique threads.


Welcome to my NEW team that I have created. It's basically a team for everyone here on etsy. :)

BC Artisans and Artists

BC Artisans - lets chat about local shows and craft communities.

Beginner SEO

Start to optimize your shop with helpful, specific advice tailored to your store.

BNR and BNS 4 sales

This team is for anyone who is willing to help others and in return get sales and promote your shop!

Busy Moms of Etsy

​Our group is a sounding board and resource for moms! A place to network and to get tips on organization, selling, and being a mom.

Buy Local Canada

A group dedicated to bringing together Canada-based Etsians who favor local suppliers.


Open to ALL shops and shoppers based in CANADA

Canadian Community Team

A place for Canadian sellers and community members to connect directly with Etsy Canada admin

Canadian Crafters

This is a shop where Canadian crafters can get together and share ideas, join craft shows and so much more!