Tina and Chris Pfeiffer's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Discussions is a place to get advice and talk about various topics with the community.

Etsy Pickers & Sellers Team

A group of Vintage Pickers and Sellers

Etsy Relevancy SEO and Stats

Search engine optimization (SEO), relevancy, Shop Stats & GA - formerly CindyLouWho Team

Improving the Etsy Forums

Join the Improving the Forums prototype to see the Forums in a new design.

Keeping It Simply Vintage Team

We are a team dedicated in sharing our love of vintage and achieving success through team activities, cross promotion, and camaraderie.


Questions is a place to get answers from the community.

Shipping Management Improvements

A team for sellers to test new shipping features and tools on Etsy!

The Oregon Etsy Team

Buyers & sellers in the Portland Oregon & Outlining areas