Mel's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

"Wear if You Dare"

Gothic clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, hair accessories, beauty accessories, jewelry


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Etsy Virginia

This is an open team for anyone who lives in Virginia.

First sales

This team has been created to help shops on etsy promote their products, and hopefully get their first sale! Contact me with any questions

Hat personalities

If your a hat maker, hat buyer, or enjoy seeing different hats for adults,children and even hats for your animal this group is for you.

Promote for all of Etsy

promote yourself, your treasury, your shop, your teams, for somone else, someone else's treasury, someone else's shop, other teams

Promotion Locomotion

For all the new or unoticed etsy shops, let's help each other out!!

Simple Promotion!

Just leave a link to your shop and promote the 5 shops who posted before you!