jcoolcreations' Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Ace team

This team is all about helping to promote and help each other and at the same time to have fun.

BCs Creative Conglomerate

We are a small group of creative spirits who are here to support and encourage each others success.

Best of the Pacific Northwest

Go local! Support Etsy shops located in the Pacific Northwest.

Blast Out Friday

Each member sends the same message, and spreads it over a social network, creating a hype/blast! The blast is sent out each Friday.

Busy Moms of Etsy

​Our group is a sounding board and resource for moms! A place to network and to get tips on organization, selling, and being a mom.

Christian Artists Promoting Shops - CAPS

We are group of Christian Shops who help promote each other through Treasuries, Promotions, Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, etc.

Couture Design Divas

A team to showcase and promote boutiques, for ladies who love to craft and sew.

Crafty Mom Club

Anyone interested in sharing Ideas and helping one another Promote each other with in our group and to other Etsy Buyers and Sellers!

Etsians in the Rough

A team for sellers with less than 100 sales to meet buyers and help promote each other.

Etsians of Social Media

From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and LinkedIn, we all have one - Promote and share yours with ESM!