Joy Kruse's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

100% Artisan Etsy Jewelry

100% Hand crafted Silver ,Brass,Copper and gold Forged Jewelry ONLY ! .. no beaded.. no wraps.... Only soldering and casting !!

Artists of America

This is a juried team of FINE ART made by Americans based in America.


All Door County fine crafts and fine arts makers who sell on etsy are invited to join.

Etsy Social Network Promotion Team

Let's get some traffic to our stores from Social Networks : Stylehive, Kaboodle and This Next !

Jewelry Designers Team

This team was created for those who are passionate about designing and creating jewelry.

Listing Management Prototype

You’ve stumbled upon the Listing Management prototype team! Join to provide feedback on a new Listings Manager and Listing Process.