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All Facebook

This team is all about those facebook fan pages Linked to Etsy


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Citizens of Humbleville

Welcome to the official team of Humbleville! Our mission is to provide an Etsy community that focuses on selflessly helping others!

Custom Orders

Dedicated to sharing custom order advice in a supportive environment including best practices for creating and managing custom orders.

Direct Checkout

This is a team for sellers using direct checkout.

Etsy Essentials

Etsy Essentials (formerly known as Online Labs Lovers)

Etsy Giving Prototype Team

This is a team for Etsy sellers interested in donating a portion of their sales to select non-profits.


Helping each other with the ins and outs of marketing Etsy Stores on Facebook.

Listing Management Prototype

You’ve stumbled upon the Listing Management prototype team! Join to provide feedback on a new Listings Manager and Listing Process.