Niki's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Big Social Media Team

Users post, collect and organize products and follow people and stores they like.

Crochet Creations

A team for any crocheter & a place to share crochet patterns, ideas and more.

Crochet Pattern Testers

To help pattern designers find testers, and experienced crocheters to find patterns!

Custom Requests

This team is for anyone requesting a custom item to be made, is looking for a particular item, or that would like to bid on custom orders.

Etsy Mommies

This team is open to anyone who is a mommy, knows a mommy, loves her mommy and enjoys buying or selling on Etsy.


The INCrowdteam is a group of artists and crafters who sell their wares on Etsy, and all reside in the great state of Indiana!

Necessity by Day, Etsy by Night

This is for all shop owners for work a "day job" out of necessity and work ETSY at night.


Open to all people addicted to Pinterest

Shop Updates Prototype

Shop Updates is a new social sharing feature of the Sell on Etsy App