Laura Trevey's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Creativity rocks!

This team is comprised of talented artists who combine creativity, ambition, productivity, and great customer service in their work.

Etsy Shoppers and Shop Owners

If you love to shop on Etsy and you have a shop of your own, this is the team for you!

Etsy Ugly Cute

A Team Full Of Whimsical, Sweet & Sour, Glittery, Geeky, Ugly Cute, Oddball, and Unique Art!

Etsy Wholesale

This is a forum for members of Etsy Wholesale, a private juried marketplace on Etsy.

Finding Fine Art

A curated collection of Fine Art on Etsy for discerning collectors.

The Muses

About this team: A group of like-minded people that discover inspiration in everyday life & create art through this inspiration.


Connect with local Etsy artists at this sweet Valentine's Pop Up Market at LaDiff on February 8, 2014