Christine Matzke's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

CRAFTS OF ENCHANTMENT Animals Nature Pets Gifts Native American Crafts

CRAFTS OF ENCHANTMENT TEAM welcomes all Etsy sellers and buyers of Animal Art, Nature, Pet items and Gifts show off your NEW creations here!

Etsy SEO, Google SEO, Copy Writing, Small Business Help

Google and Etsy SEO, Copy Writing and Small Business Help for Creatives

Fine ART and Jewelry Team Around the world

This team is looking creativity artist and jewelry makers, all of this is about art and accessories, join with as.

Get Your Etsy Shop in Motion!

This team is devoted to getting your Etsy shop in motion! Promote your shop and build your Etsy network by connecting with fellow Etsians!

Helping Etsians Promote

Helping Etsians Promote is open to all buyers and sellers of vintage, handmade, and supplies. Great place for new and established shops.

Promo Junkies

A place to promote your shop and others

Promote Handmade

Promote, Favorite and play along in this highly active group!

Promote Your Creativity

Promote yourself and your team members creativity! Come together to help every shop reach it's full potential.

The Mountain Standard Timers

Shops From the Mountain States - aka the land that time forgot!