littleBIGillustrator's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Massachusetts South Shore & Cape Cod

Etsy people in, around or about Massachusetts' South Shore & Cape Cod

Etsy of Somerville

Etsy users in and around Somerville, MA

Fine Art Friday

A celebration of Fine Art on Etsy.


Living Loving Art is a gathering place for those that make art by drawing, painting, sculpting, digitally, or photography.

Made in Massachusetts

This team is set up to promote Massachusetts based business. Border state towns are welcome.

New England Crafters Team All Regions NECTeam

A collaborative team consisting of shop owners who live in New England.

New On Etsy

This team is dedicated to helping one another be successful on Etsy. A goal we all want to achieve.

North Shore Novelties

Artisans Of The North Shore Of Massachusetts

Salem, Massachusetts Etsians

This is a team for those on etsy living in Salem, Mass. The goal of this team is to connect with other Salem etsians.