Janice Johnson's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


This is a $ALES Driven Team, our ONLY goal is to get more traffic, and $ELL more.

Craft Noodle

Promote outside of Etsy via Social Media


This is a team for the Cricut lovers!

Cricut Love

An open team for anyone who enjoys using their Cricut Machine or for anyone who Loves what others make using their Cricut..

Favorites for Sales

This team has been created for shop owners looking to increase sales volume.

Interior Design Style

We are collection of Etsy members who specialize in everything related to Interior Design and Home & Garden decor.

Shop Manager Prototype

Join to try the new Shop Manager experience! You should be an active seller with an Etsy.com retail shop to join.

Shop Updates Prototype

Shop Updates is a new social sharing feature of the Sell on Etsy App